Dulcimer # 11: Carnemirë
My hiking dulcimer; it went into the Grand Canyon with us in 1979. It features red cedar top, back, sides and pegbox with walnut fretboard and spruce soundpost. (You'd be surprised how much more sound a soundpost gets you. They don't just work in violins.)

A very sweet sound; however, red cedar grain is unpredictable and also cracks easily. Severe bracing is required. It's the high dulcimer on Monday Morning Blues and Black Jack Davey.

The case handle is made with a dowel and copper wire from electrical conduit, 10 gauge or so. It's criminal how much of that stuff gets thrown out. The paint job is mine, using colors at hand – oil based house paint. Can't get this effect with the ubiquitous latex. Pink is not one of my favorite colors, but it gets attention.