Dulcimer #12: Haleth
A six-string chromatic dulcimer with maple top and single wraparound side, walnut fretboard and peghead, rosewood back, maple bridge, abalone inlay, recycled guitar tailpiece, and a shape inspired by Noah Hoffman, brother of sculptor Josh Hoffmann, who mused that one of my previous dulcimers could be played like a guitar if the sides were a little closer to the fretboard, so I skewed this one's whole shape to one side and reduced the depth to something a bit closer to that of a guitar neck, or at least a sitar neck. But it was played like a guitar for about a day: then I tuned it like a resonator guitar and played it with a slide. It sounds surprisingly like a resonator guitar, in fact, though quite quieter.
Those curious about the names of my instruments should read The Silmarillion.