Dulcimer #22: Indis
My first and so far only solid-body electric dulcimer. Above: the "courting" side with bass and rhythm fretboards – which can be played by two people at once – and slides, capos and an E-bow used in playing; below, the sitar side with six playing strings and eight sympathetic ones running below the pickus, inside the fretboard, which is bowed out on the near side for better string bending. Fretboards purpleheart, bridges metal or bone, pegheads walnut, body some exotic orange wood I would never buy now. It's the main electric dulcimer featured in the delays and the electric bass on most of the songs, such as Sally Goodin. Being two-sided, it needs a board to stand on, on which I had my mom Patricia Windrow paint Tolkien heraldic devices copied from a book of his artwork. The inlaid sawdust-and-glue Fëanorian script spells out the first two lyrics of my song "Messenger of Love".