This is the best photo I have from the end of Part Two. The set is not from our concert but from a Magic Flute production which was running concurrently with ours that weekend. Left to right: Rear: Tami Swartz, Adam Klein, Elizabeth Hastings, Valery Ponomarev, Jacek Makowski, Nikolaos Karelas, Stefan Paolini, Stever Fredericks, Nathan Bahny, Travis James. Middle: Dena Holland, Barbara Gerr. Front: Jody Mullen, Philip Jacobs, Nichol Julia Jacobs, Rebecca Spence, Dianna Dollman, Anita Lyons, Mary Louise Mooney.
Missing from photo: Walter Du Melle, C. David Morrow. Photo taken by Brian Davis, the original Sauron.
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