These pdf files are of the latest version of the piano vocal score of LEITHIAN*, copyright © 2007 Adam Klein.
You can download the PDF files of the score and print them out. They are copyrighted, though, so you can't sell them! If you use the music in an audition or something, let me know. That's all I ask.
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Based on The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, copyright © 1977 Allen & Unwin (publishers) Ltd. Used by permission.

  • Leithian Score Pages 1-6 (table of contents, dedications etc.)
  • Prologue: Music of the Ainur
  • Scene 1: A Glade beside the river Esgalduin
  • Scene 2: In Menegroth
  • Scene 3: Beren travels to Nargothrond
  • Scene 4: Sauron's Chambers, in Tol-in Gaurhoth
  • Scene 5-6: A prison cell in Nargothrond; the Pit of Tol-in-Gaurhoth
  • Scene 7: Tol-in-Gaurhoth: Sauron's Chambers/the Bridge/the Pit
  • Scene 8-9: The North Marches of Doriath/The Edge of Anfauglith
  • Scene 10: Angband
  • Interlude 10-11: Flight of Thorondor
  • Scene 11: In Menegroth
  • Scene 12: The Hunting of the Wolf
  • Interlude 12-13: The Death of Beren
  • Scene 13: The Halls of Mandos
  • Epilogue: Tol Galen