"You are not the only composer in Vienna, Herr Mozart." — "No, but I'm the best."
- from "Amadeus" by Peter Shaffer
This page treats what most would call my "classical" musical works. Since I make my living singing other people's music, time is short for adding to this list. But I keep Charles Ives in mind: He sold insurance for a living and so composed whatever he wanted.

Lest you think I have no credentials, I minored in composition at IU, studying with the great Donald Erb. So there. I also studied counterpoint with John Lessard at Stony Brook, where there was no composition degree at the time. And of course being Howard Klein's son had an even greater effect.

  • OPERA: So far I have written two operas: a long one called LEITHIAN , based on a J.R.R. Tolkien story; and a short one, GOLDIE LOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS , a children's opera about tolerance. An aria from LEITHIAN is featured in the Tenor Page sound clips area; give a listen. Click here to listen to the world premiere concerts of LEITHIAN we gave in July 2006 and April 2007, in streaming mp3 format or download. Click here to listen to Goldie Locks.
      I have several other stories in mind for future operas, but my responsibilities as a performing artist have not led to the amount of free time for composing that I expected when I decided to make money doing something other than composing. A COMMISSION would go a long way to ameliorating this scenario...

  • SYMPHONIC: As of May 2012, I am putting the finishing touches on a choral symphony about the phisolophy of science, to a text of my own translated into classical Latin, inspired directly by singing Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, and more generally as a complement to the many masses written in Latin. I have also had it translated into several other languages for printing in concert programs so the audience can read it in their native language. Languages so far: German, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and of course English.

  • CHAMBER MUSIC:   I have written an art song using the famous Robert Frost poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" ; a duet for clarinet and viola ; a sextet for marimba, piano, harp, soprano saxophone, cornet and euphonium called "458458" ; a quintet for sythesizers and jaw harp called "Jews-harp Heaven" and two electronic music pieces: "Ratios" and " "Franny Blues" .

  • WORKS FOR CHILDREN:   I have written and/or arranged several pieces for elementary school choir including "ANDEAN CONDOR", "Bacteria Rule the World", "Ecosystem"(an arrangement of one of my songs for banjo and voice) and "Rye-O Grand". I really enjoy doing this, when I have the time.

  • See the Folk Music page for information on my "acoustic" song output.

COMPOSITIONS (a more detailed description of some of my pieces)