I've been playing instruments practically since I was born, starting with piano at around the age I couldn't run under it anymore. (That's a grand piano.) I got into serious non-classical instruments in 1976 when I built my first dulcimer, but before that I was lining up empty clay plant pots in a scale and playing tunes, and using garden hoses as PDQ Bach type horns. No photos of that, sorry.

I play clawhammer longneck banjo, jaw harp, bones, autoharp, lap dulcimer, hand drums, and a bit of brass and woodwinds. A smidgen of mandolin and guitar. (If you're looking for a bluegrass singer/songwriter with the same first and last name from Athens GA, that's this guy. We've never met.)


Bones Festival 2013

Playing a dununba

Lauren & Conner

No Bee Without The Rose

Me And My Brother

Once upon a time, my brother Moondi and I made an LP . Little did we know, back in "1981"*, that the CD revolution was only 4 years away. We blithely plunged ahead with the project, had a thousand copies pressed, and sold maybe 400. Even when we were making the album, Moondi was already headed west to Ohio for college- otherwise he would have been featured in more cuts; in "1985" I went to Indiana for opera factory processing; Zeng's last concert was in "1986". I started giving M&MB platters (or Tahitian War Frisbees) away at opera gigs, and then Sue Ladd around 1992 asked if the album were available in CD form. I had vowed that I wouldn't make a CD of it until all the LPs were gone. Some vows aren't worth making. With the birth of Little Blue Heron in "2001", and my resultant return to the "acoustic" or "folk" music world, it suddenly became useful to have the LP put into CD form. With the advent of personal computers, home CD burning devices and high-resolution printers, it became possible for me to remaster the album myself; this is the result. I also included four bonus tracks that were never intended for the album, but since CDs have more room than LPs and these tracks were recorded concurrently with the album material, I figured, "why not?" I have also made a CD of recordings of Zeng made at Karlin's house previous to M&MB, and might make a "Best of Zeng Live" compilation when I have time. Meanwhile, there are still a few LPs left, unused (unlike the ones on Ebay) if you want one.
-ADAM KLEIN, Jackson NJ, December 30, "2002"

The clips below are mono. If you want the stereo ones, write me for the CD or LP.
  1. Rockingham Cindy
  2. Doney Gal
  3. Juniper Springs
  4. Walkin' in Jerusalem
  5. Year of Jubilo
  6. Cotton Mill Girls
  7. Monday Morning Blues
  8. Black Jack Davey
  9. Falls of Richmond
  10. Back Down to Virginia
  11. The Original Dulcimer Song
  12. The Old Grey Horse
  13. Sally Goodin
  14. Over the Waterfall
  15. White Pilgrim
  16. Haste to the Wedding
  17. Shady Grove
  18. Salty Hot Dog Blues
  19. Rocky Top
Total time: 59:22

I met Constance Cook in 1975 in the second half of eleventh grade. We attended many of the same classes, including the two choirs, and co-led the Madrigal Group. Then she moved away from Long Island, then I did, then finally in 1997 we got back in touch. In 2001 Peter Johnson of Living Folk Records and Concerts suggested we form a performing duo, which we did. We settled on the name Little Blue Heron and gave our first concert as a wanm-up act for Poor Old Horse at a chuch in Watertown, Massachusetts. Our busy schedules made appearances difficult, but we were heard at the NEFFA folk, Carter Family Memorial music, NOMAD folk, and Philadelphia Space-Rock festivals as well as a few coffee houses; at the Louis F. Angelo Elementary School in Brockton, Massachusetts we gave three family concerts with students joining us in an increasing number of songs, and also taught hundreds of them how to play bones. The album "No Bee Without The Rose" was our first commercially available recording, recorded and produced by me. We hoped to follow it with a sequel "No Rose Without The Bee", but so far this is all you get.

The clips below are mono. If you want the stereo ones, write me for the CD or LP.
  1. Cherry Tree Carol
  2. Shiloh's Hill
  3. The Blacksmith
  4. Greasy Coat
  5. O My Brethren
  6. Ecosystem (A. Klein)
  7. Sheep Crook
  8. Talk About Sufferin'
  9. Ca' the Yowes
  10. Shady Grove
  11. John Barleycorn
  12. Liza Jane
  13. Cotton Mill Girls
  14. The Last Leviathan
  15. Chilly Winds
Total Time : 65:01