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  Hey there, this is the official website of
Adam Klein.

Which Adam Klein? I make my living as an OPERATIC TENOR. I wrote the opera LEITHIAN. I perform and record long DELAY IMPROVISATIONS. I make and play MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, including rhythm bones. I'm really big on being nice to the planet and other matters. I do other things which you can find out about using the lilypads at the top of this page.

This site is for those curious about opera, acoustic music, science, nature, and the truth. Here you'll also find anecdotes and stories from my life and links to URLs that I would visit. Some of these things may surprise you, but if you've found this site, you're probably already aware that little about me is conventional.
Click on the lilypad that best describes what you're interested in. Don't worry, you won't sink.

*Recent updates to the site:

Oct. 2012: SERIOUS expansion of the DELAYS page with complete freely downloadable mp3s of over 40 improvisations from 1980 to 2008.

NEW/UPDATED ARIA SOUNDFILES: TRISTAN UND ISOLDE uploaded November 2010 DAS RHEINGOLD uploaded December 2009 SALOME uploaded May 2009 FAUST uploaded June 2009

New, better and more photos and descriptions of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS I have built.

Updated publicity material and several new aria clips on the Tenor page, accessible thru the Tenor lilypad up top or this link right here. Also, test your knowledge of tenordom with my Questions Three, which will lead you to a page with tenor arias I'm not supposed to sing.

A REAL blog about the Earth-travels of a curmudgeonly yet lovable "high-near-ian" from a distant part of the galaxy whom we recently took in.

The complete song cycle Winterreise by Franz Schubert, sung by me with Howard Klein at the piano, recorded live at the Goethe-Institut, New York.

Classical acoustic and electronic composition recordings on the Composer page. A small example of what I could do were someone to PAY me to write music.

I wrote an opera called LEITHIAN, because of which we were flown to Poland in July 2007 for the Tolk Folk Festival in Bielawa, a nice small city nestled in the mountains of western Poland. Read all about that trip.

I have made a little page about the English language and common blunders therein. Not for the weak-hearted.

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