for computer and TX816

For those of you who don't remember the age of synthesizers, a TX816 was a rack mounted array of the guts of 8 Yamaha DX7s, and was the central tone generating unit of the IU Electronic Music Studio in the late 1980s, because due to apparent bureaucratic inaction the promised Moog control center (something that included resynthesis- very cool) had never been secured. This piece was written for an electronic composition class, and here I present what I wrote, and also the version that came to be at the suggestion of the class professor Dr. Jeffrey Hass, who thought it was incomplete as I wrote it, which was basically a rather minimalist exploration of various equal subdivisions of time. You the audience can decide for yourself if the second version is more complete or just different. I find it interesting what the ear pays attention to in each version, which for me is very much not the same.
Original version
Sweep version