Delay Shady Grove (2 versions)
February 18 1999. Lexicon Jam Man delay units. Recorded live to DAT in Cambridge MA. Two versions because the DAT ran out on Version 1 and after finishing it on a new DAT I just did another delay.
Adam Klein: voice, Yamaha DX7II, dulcimer, banjo, drums, shekere, egg, bones, xomuz.

Text: Harlan Tourist and Convention Committee webpage, Webster's Dictionary. Shady Grove, Nine Pound Hammer and Rockingham Cindy are traditional Appalachian songs.
Synth patches, dulcimer, banjo, bones by Adam Klein.
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Ver. 1 Time 1:27:40   Size 80.3 MB   stream   download
Ver. 2 Time 2:17:30   Size 125.9 MB   stream   download
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