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Welcome to the official website of
Adam C. J. Klein.
Which Adam C. J. Klein? The image is of me, Adam Charles Josef Klein. Son of musician Howard Klein and the late painter Patricia Windrow. Brother of legendary Bluegrass singer/guitarist/arranger Moondi Klein. (But if you're looking for a bluegrass/country singer/songwriter named Adam Klein but from Athens GA, that's this guy. We haven't met.) OPERATIC TENOR. COMPOSER of the operas LEITHIAN and GOLDIE LOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. Maker of musical instruments, including rhythm bones. Traditional musician. Doer of long delayed-feedback improvisations.   Teacher of several skills. Really big on being nice to the planet and other matters. I especially like frogs. Other things I do will be revealed if you explore the site far enough.

This entrance page gives you a bifurcatory way to speed you to what you want to see about "moi". (No, bifurcatory is not a dirty word. Learn English.) So choose one of the lilypads above and click. Happy hopping. Eventually the lilypads get smaller and more numerous, allowing you to hop randomly between topics.

For those less patient, a few immediate jumps:

Explore everything at once right away on the Home Page. That page also contains more info about the latest site updates.

Listen to the complete Winterreise by Franz Schubert, with Howard Klein at the piano, audio with photos from the concert; or with Craig Ketter at the piano, filmed by Eric Solstein.

Listen to concerts and read the score of my opera LEITHIAN.

Check out the Life of Guido, a blog about a short slimy friend of ours from a distant part of the galaxy.

-- AK
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