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The value of art is not constant. Paintings and other works by Patricia Windrow have sold over the years for from hundreds to thousands of dollars each. Since her death in 2013, selected works have been for sale only through one source, in Winchester, Virginia. This continues an arrangement begun by Patricia herself. Currently, her estate is not selling her work through this website.

Occasionally we are contacted by persons who own a Windrow that was acquired perhaps decades ago and possibly not by themselves: They usually ask for general information about location, subject matter and the like; and they frequently ask us to put a price on their artwork. Art, according to custom, has no intrinsic value and is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. Therefore we have no way of valuing earlier or even later works by Patricia or anyone else. Patricia Windrow's talent and technical proficiency should fetch her art a competitive price; but in a world where a white canvas with a few blotches of paint thrown onto it from a can, for instance, can command six figures if the name of an artist in vogue is attached, while a similar work by someone's dear old aunt can't be given away, the price is, as they say, what the market will bear. If you own a Windrow and have such questions about it, you might want to have it appraised by a reputable art dealer. We hope this answers this question, and apologize for not being able to be more helpful.

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